Cash Only, Credit Card Fraud, Spending, Using cash

No online spending and cash only for now.


We had just gotten back from a trip to NY when I checked my credit card account online. A strange charge from Walmart was showing up. A small amount – $5.58 to be exact. A small enough amount that no one would really notice. It was for a purchase ‘in store’ on a date I was nowhere near a Walmart. Previously, I was in a Walmart, purchasing groceries. I also purchased from Walmart online. Which is why this particular charge could have gone unnoticed.

This is not our first rodeo. Our Chase credit card has been hacked numerous times. With all its usage, it was bound to happen and most likely will happen again. (Thank you Chase for taking care of it so quickly!) Which is why I check all of my accounts Some might say this is overkill, but in today’s crazy world, it is totally necessary.

This is also why I do not use my debit card. It is just too risky. I prefer to give all the risk to the credit card company.

So, for the rest of April, I will be on a cash-only diet. No more online spending, online groceries, or anything I can’t pay with cash. And, once my new card arrives in the mail, I will be much more cautious about using the card. Cash really still is king. 😉

Do you check your accounts regularly?