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COVID, exactly one year later.

Well, it happened. After my two-week trip to Europe, I came down with Covid two days after returning home. And, strangely enough, it is exactly one year ago to the day when I had Covid the first time.

The symptoms are different this time, which delayed me from taking a Covid test. After a second day of feeling lousy though, and since I had an entire drawer of test kits, I decided to take one. It was positive.

I’m on Day 6 of Covid and am feeling much, much better. The sore throat and coughing have subsided, and I’m left with just a head cold. The warm shower I took this morning took care of the congestion. In fact, if there were no such thing as Covid, I would have thought this to be another virus related ‘cold’ which Tylenol, cough suppressant, and rest would have cleared.

Traveling is not without its health risks, for sure. I’m not sure where I contracted Covid, but between the huge crowds in Italy, the many public (and dirty!) bathrooms I used, and a 10.5-hour sold-out flight (with the added bonus of people hacking), I’m not surprised.

3 thoughts on “COVID, exactly one year later.”

  1. Glad you are on the rebound. I found my last bout far easier then others. I’m done with the shots. Not worrying about it any more then the flu (the flu was worse this time around).


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