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An August update.

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I can’t believe a whole month has passed since I’ve posted. I thought August would be a financially quiet month, but alas it was filled with spending – lots of spending – albeit the good kind!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • I booked and paid for a cruise for January with my daughter;
  • I paid extra on our mortgage as we are trying to pay it off as quickly as possible;
  • I purchased a few more items for our Europe trip in a couple of weeks; and
  • At the last minute, my husband and I decided we wanted to surprise our son at the pier when his ship pulls in after a 7-month deployment in a week, so we paid for a flight, hotel, and car rental. I.can’t.wait. 😉

To say I spent a lot of money last month is an understatement, but I must say it was all worth it! I truly have not added it up this time. (Perhaps I don’t wan’t to know….)

Even with all of that spending, our networth managed to increase from July by $27,000 (mostly from investments) . We are still on track to retire on time. 🙂

How was your August?

9 thoughts on “An August update.”

  1. Hi Sharon, I would have done the same thing to see my son! What a great surprise for him. I am enjoying my vacation and loosen my purse strings to treat others from my graduating class. Feels so Good to share God’s blessings. I hope your foot has improved for your upcoming travels. So happy you’re on target for retirement. Sincerely, Lara


    1. Thanks Lara! Yes, my foot is healed! Long story, but the pain wasn’t coming from the fracture, but an extra bone wrapped in a tendon. It took another doctor (the second opinion), and some shoe inserts to figure that one out and be without pain.


  2. Hi Sharon, this is Chris. August was pretty ok for us. I stayed in budget for most things. We did go see our elderly parents in the next state over. We had 3 funerals in August that we needed to send flowers/donations for, so those were unexpected. May need to add a line item for that, we are getting to the age where elderly family members/parents of close friends are passing.


  3. I just finished August books. We ran slightly under budget last month! This house is amazing- and our electric/ gas bills were under $150! I budgeted $350.
    I made another quick trip to Phoenix- this time I drove. My mom is failing quickly. She chose to stop eating after her birthday and has not looked back. I anticipate another trip at the end of the month. Driving is my only dependable way-1600 miles.
    Most of all we had a heart to heart about spending money. My husband is 72 and his family’s men live for another 10 years. Now, he can break the cycle, but we have to face the hard facts. I want him to start spending money. OK, that is against the grain, but he needs to check his boxes. Montana and a river boat are on the docket for next summer.
    Medicare started for me last week. My meager pensions will pay the costs. I am waiting until March for my SS….maybe longer. Time will tell.


    1. Oh Janette, I’m so sorry about your Mom. That has to be so hard on you. YES! Start LIVING!! Go on trips! You don’t have to break the bank, but create memories! That’s what life is about. 🙂 xoxox


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