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June Spending: Week 4 update

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Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week (variable spending only) as a way of keeping myself accountable for my impulse spending. Also, to see my true savings, I am tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t.

This week has been a pretty quiet week. The only ‘extras’ I have spent this week were a pool float for the pool and ice cream treats for the grandkids. Money well-spent if you ask me. 😉

What I spent from June 20 – 26:

  • Groceries/Eating out: $68.81
  • Pool float/Ice Cream: $41.00 (the ice cream was double the pool float!)
  • Mom: $53.00 (a new coffee pot)
  • Pet Meds: $221.85 (Heart meds and flea and tick for 12 months) RETURNED. Waiting for refund.

Total: $384.66

How was your week?

9 thoughts on “June Spending: Week 4 update”

  1. I had cataract surgery last week and was thus laid up but sadly my one eye still worked plus my fingers on my phone!! Not a good week!! Lying fairly still plus great summer sales don’t mix. Plus I did take one granddaughter shopping in nearest city (16) and out to eat the day before surgery and that was a good 300.00, but worth every penny! First time going alone. My downfall is clothes shopping, especially for grand kids and I just can’t buy anymore on my own for the teen girls. My online shopping was at least 500.00 ouch. I’m sitting here still thinking what sales! But nothing was an absolute need: 😦 I need to get out of the house and away from the computer plus probably unsubscribe more!


    1. Yes, online spending can be very addictive, especially if you are laid up a bit from home. Your grand kids are very lucky to have you. 🙂


  2. Hi Sharon, this is Chris. You had a good week. I had a pretty good week last week. I stayed in my grocery budget, and we didn’t eat out. But we did spend an extra $40 for 16 lb of pork and other items so hubby could smoke some BBQ for our son’s birthday party at his house on Sat evening. It was delicious and all got eaten. This week we will be getting our 1/4 cow so I will take some $$ from savings for that. It is $2.75/lb to the farmer, and $202 for the processing, to give you an idea of cost. I will let you know the grand total after we pick up, since we don’t know the weight yet.

    I also paid our credit card bills this am and we had almost $1100 in medical bills to pay. We have an HSA, but I just go ahead and pay the bills, b/c I figure we will need the money more when we retire. I also put the July sinking funds in their account. We have gotten to the point where we use this month’s income to pay next month’s expenses. Took awhile to get to that, but I like knowing we have the $$ for the month before it starts.


    1. That’s a wise idea if you have the money now to pay for health expenses. Isn’t it amazing how expensive it is?? I don’t eat a lot of beef, just basically ground beef, so a 1/4 cow has never been on my buying list. However, 2.75 a pound sounds like a good price. How much meat do you get?


      1. Hi Sharon, Chris again. We picked up the meat yesterday. The total weight was 221 lb hanging weight (before processing). The total for the meat and the processing was $809.84. This will last us and our kids for 2 years.


        1. I LOVE that they process and wrap everything up for the freezer. Honestly, you will be sitting pretty, as I imaging the cost of beef will continue to rise.


  3. Hi Sharon, Not much spending here to close out June- two takeout orders while with my families-$1.39 McDonald’s celebration For GS All-Star win taking advantage of free McChicken reward when you spend at least a buck and a $14.59 huge Greek Chicken salad and falafel enough for three meals. Spent $42.12 in gasoline. I feel lately no need to shop rather using items I have already invested in-DIY projects, room painting, watercolors, free borrowed books and movies, and food on hand. I also enjoy gardening. Trying desperately to get back to walking more with my heels. Planning to go to two free local fireworks and concerts to celebrate the Fourth. What are you doing for the Fourth? Did you ever go to DC celebration? I loved it. Sincerely, Lara


    1. Yes! July I will start using my watercolors, take advantage of the community pool and hopefully not have foot surgery. (but that is not looking good). We never go into DC because my husband works there and never wants to return on the weekends, LOL. However, we had made it in for one 4th of July. This year we are celebrating my husband’s birthday on the 4th because he has to work on the 5th. A barbecue with all the grandkids….


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