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Weekly Spending Update: The cost of playing the return game.

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week (variable spending only) as a way of keeping myself accountable for my impulse spending. Also, to see my true savings, I am tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t.

This week I ended up spending $60 in return fees with no products to show for it. UGH. The return refunds have yet to hit my bank account. It’s so frustrating, but I only have myself to blame. All items were purchased impulsively, with no real thought behind them. I failed to wait at least 24 hours before making the purchases, and I didn’t double-check the return policies.

I finally put some controls in place for online spending, and I’m hoping it curbs the ugly spending monster that still lives inside me. the impulsive spending.

Without further ado, my June 13 – 19th spending:

  • Groceries: $167.00 (Stock up from BJ’s)
  • Eating Out: $50 (lunch for Father’s Day)
  • Personal Care: $64.00 (Hair color from salon, sunscreen)
  • Home Maintenance: $229.20 (annual filters, broom)
  • Mom: $39.76 (dinner sent)
  • Spontaneous giving: $55.00
  • Weight Watchers: $42.95 (3 mos.)
  • Miscellaneous: $39.73 (books)
  • Gifts: $17.00 (Father’s Day)
  • Return fees: $60.00

Total: $764.64

Returns: ($40.12) (Phone case and charger)

Total: $724.52

I thought this week was a low-spend week until I totaled everything up. Almost $800?? The good news is that I won’t have to buy filters for a year, and I’m saving almost $250.00 by coloring my hair over the next two months instead of going to the salon. I guess it wasn’t too bad, except for the return fee. 😦

Here is a monthly recap of my spending for June so far:

Week 1: $1,660.73

Week 2: $321.13

Week 3: $724.52

Total variable spending: $2,706.38

That seems high for three weeks in a five-week month. I will need to slow way down on the spending if I want to meet some savings goals.

How was your week? How does my spending compare to yours? Please share!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Spending Update: The cost of playing the return game.”

  1. Hi Sharon, You know I appreciate your sharing weekly your variable spending . This month I spent $322 extra on graduation gifts for my Granddaughter junior high and Grandson pre-k graduation and my other Grandson birthday. I am spending an extra $110 ($261 total this month) each month on gasoline to babysit weekly and to see my older grandkids activities. Most of this will go away in Late August when the youngest goes to kindergarten. Eating out 3 times for total $24.13 for three lunches -5 meals at sports tournament using McDonald’s and Wendy’s Mobile Rewards programs spending so far this month. Awesome deals and also free Senior coffee at Wendy’s. Groceries so far this month $1.82 for three- 8 oz Organic nuts shipped free from CVS using CarePass and Extra Care coupon. And $14.91 at Market32 for baby carrots, bananas, 99 cents a pound family packs of chicken thighs. Still using my stockpile from ShopRite from using my free Gift cards. I will do an Aldi’s run for produce, oatmeal, and eggs at the end of the week keeping the total under $50 for the month. I am back to intermittent fasting too. It worked for me but I can’t do the long walks now. I also do leg exercises on my bed and chair exercises much easier then on the floor.
    This month’s big savings over $1200 is for travel. I am taking advantage of the Hilton Honors rewards card for free accommodations for my 50th high school reunion and a $225 bonus reward opening a Chase Checking for reception and gas. Dress is casual at all the events, so I will pick up a couple of new tops closer to the events. Life is sweet. Sincerely, Lara


    1. Hi Lara! Great job on the spending. Hey, I wanted to let you know, and I may be blogging about it soon, but US Treasury I Bonds are paying 9.62% right now. My husband and I capped out our 2022 limit. It beats Ally Bank’s .9%.


  2. Hi Sharon, I thought about Ibonds but haven’t invested for a number of reasons. I prefer qualified preferred dividends in my taxable accounts. No tax on these for me, although they are figured into the Social Security worksheet. I bonds interest is taxable. You need to hold them for a year and in the first five years there is a three months interest penalty. Currently the fixed rate portion is zero on all bonds issued and the floating rate is figured on Consumer Price Index and I feel this can be manipulated. If the Fed is successful in lowering inflation dramatically within the first five years your rate can plummet. Your interest is accumulated monthly but credited semiannually. Monthly dividends are available every month lowering what you originally invest in stocks or REITs and is the cash is accessible on dividend pay date. Your cost leverage improves every month and in essence so does the interest rate you collect. Sincerely, Lara


    1. I wanted to put in safe investments, and worst-case scenario is I get no interest. That works for me in this instance. We have everything else substantial in the stock market.


  3. I understand completely where you are coming from and this market environment is scary. Ibonds being limited to just $10,000 per person per year it’s a small amount we are talking about and you probably won’t need it for the five years. I on the other hand, at 69 having health problems from Covid as well as other problems cropping up am concern with covering medical expenses thus will continue carrying a pricey Medicare supplemental insurance and prescription plan and the possibility of needing to go into a nursing home, and I need to keep monthly income high if this occurs living in the Northeast where my kids are. Sincerely Lara


    1. Oh, I’m so sorry you are going through health issues. Hopefully you have MANY years before you would need a nursing home.


  4. As many that had Covid, the long term symptom of easily getting winded and tired, and now the heel pain!


  5. My neighbor as a in home nurse aide salary increase to $20 but the agency was charging $40 -$55 to the patients. Sincerely, Lara


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