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Weekly financial update.

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week (variable spending only) as a way of keeping myself accountable for my impulse spending. Also, to see my true savings, I am tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t.

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This week I received the two wallets I ordered last week. The Fossil wallet arrived damaged, missing its’ strap. The Italian wallet came in the wrong color. I have already returned the Fossil wallet (free return), but unfortunately, Italy will charge me a return fee. I will lose $30. (Rest assured I will be taking extra caution before I purchase items from now on, especially with regard to their return policy.)

Wasting money these days actually hurts. In fact, as I evaluate this week’s spending, I’m disappointed that I ‘impulsed’ the tech purchase. I will be returning it, as I wasn’t paying attention to the details of the charger pod. My IPhone 11 is not ‘magsafe’, so the charger may not work as well. Returning items is such a hassle, as you have to wait several weeks before they credit your account. The by product of impulsivity, I suppose. 😦

Here is my spending for June 7 – June 13:

  • Eating Out: $78.09
  • Groceries: $157.00
  • Gas Fill Up: $64.60
  • Auggie: $6.00 (dog treats)
  • State inspection: $20.00
  • OTC meds: $5.00 (Vitamin D prescription)
  • Clothes: $103.89 (Replacement Tshirts, leggings)
  • Tech: $52.01 (phone case and charger pod)
  • Misc.: $59.04

Total: $545.63


  • Fossil Wallet: ($79.50)
  • Italian Wallet: ($145.00)

Total Returns: ($224.50)

Total Spending: $321.13

With inflated prices everywhere, it’s more imperative now than ever to be extra vigilant in my everyday spending. I’m committed to keeping our retirement timeline, and every dollar saved is going to help. To that end, I’m giving myself a new challenge. For the month of JULY, I will be having a NO SPEND. Details to follow!

How was your week? Any wins? Losses? Please share!

4 thoughts on “Weekly financial update.”

  1. Hi Sharon, this is Chris. I think you are doing great with your mindfulness. I have never done a no spend month and will be interested to see how you decide to do it. Maybe I will join you. I do have a couple of July birthdays (hubby and little granddaughter), but think I can be mindful of them if I plan. Hubby didn’t plan when he got a Father’s Day card for his dad and he came home from Kroger last night saying he spent more than he wanted on the card. I reminded him that Dollar Tree was down the street from his office, and the cards there are .50/$1.00. Maybe he will remember the next time he has to get a card. LOL!


    1. Oh, yeah, cards are ridiculously expensive. I’ve actually purchased a box of 50 cards for $9.99 and I use those for all occasions. I would LOVE it if you joined me in July. My husband’s birthday is in July as well, but we have decided not to exchange gifts. We will host a pool party (for the grandkiddos) with pizza and cupcakes. (Our community pool). Pool is free, and I can make cupcakes. ;).


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