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Spending Update: May 8 – 14th (Hint: It’s not all about money…)

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week (variable spending only) as a way of keeping myself accountable for my impulse spending. Also, in order to see my true savings, I am also tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. 

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This past week was a bit unusual for spending. I was visiting my Mom for Mother’s Day in New York, and brought her back to Virginia to hang out with me for a week. She needed the break from all the anxiety and stress that went with the decision to put my Dad into a Memory Care facility. It’s been a long road, but hopefully we are now on an upswing. It’ll never be normal again, but my Dad is getting the care he needs, and my (almost 90 year old) Mom is finally getting the rest she needs. I wanted to make this week special for her, so most of the spending was all about her.

My spending for May 8 – 14th:

  • Groceries: $206.65 (My husband did this shopping while I was away 😉 )
  • Travel Gas: $150.39
  • Eating on the road: $26.00
  • Eating Out in NY: $70.00
  • Mother’s Day Lunch w/Mom: $90.00 (My husband and I took her to a ‘fancy’ lunch)
  • Gifts: $40.00
  • Supplies for my Mom & Dad: $244.67
  • Coffee Machine filters: $20.84
  • Barnes & Noble: $30.00 (books on retirement, and membership)

Total: $878.55

That seems a bit high for one week, but money well-spent. No regrets this week.

My number one goal this week was not about saving money, but to give my Mom a very special week — a special Mother’s Day lunch out with a bookstore run, visits with my daughters and their children at their homes, watching movies and just hanging out. And, that is exactly what we did.

Below are some pictures I took of my Mom’s visit. She got to see her great-grandchildren (who absolutely ADORE her), Auggie (who wouldn’t leave her alone!), and make it to her my grandson’s First Holy Communion. As an added bonus, she met and chatted with our Bishop at the celebration party. Seeing her smiling and relaxed? Priceless.

My Mom with Addie & Jack
My Mom with Liam, Angelina & Anna Kate
My Mom and Auggie
Liam & My Mom at 1st Holy Communion
My Mom, Bishop Burbridge and Liam. 🙂

As I said, this week was not about money. It was about family. And the realization of how truly blessed I am.

Your turn. How was your week?