Fear, Gratitude

Not a financial post. But still needed.

FEAR: False evidence appearing real.

It saddens me to see all of the garbage on the news and on social media, spreading fear of all kinds. Sensationalizing food shortages, stock market crashes, and, of course, the end of the world will only cause unnecessary fear. It’ll make even the sanest person go a bit bonkers.

You will not find fear on this blog. Ever. I will only bring you positive content. You are safe here to feel GOOD, and there is still GOOD in the world. Gratitude will help you find it.

If you feel you have lost all faith, take a minute to figure out why. Then watch this video. (if you are a non-believer, this song is beautiful nonetheless!)

I wish you all much-needed peace.

4 thoughts on “Not a financial post. But still needed.”

  1. Nice! I refuse to let the fear mongers ruin my day to day happiness and appreciation for what I do have. I know the higher prices are hurting some people hard, and my response is to tighten my belt a bit more, do more to help my community through the food bank and other opportunities, and invest my time in people. I don’t want to hear people panicking about billionaires buying social media sights and the Great Reset, and conspiracy theories. I want to read about gardens (I have a brown thumb), hikes in mountains, beaches, or riversides, and people finding new ways to connect with each other.


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