5 thoughts on “Impulsive Spending. Yep. That would be me.”

  1. Me to! This week has been crazy and it is only Tuesday. So much stress and turmoil in the world! Now, if I can just back away from the solar power bank in my cart…..


  2. If I’ve been inside a Target it has been maybe twice? Twice too many. I don’t like Target. I don’t understand them. Probably just as well. LOL.


    1. It’s now my replacement for Amazon. I get free shipping. Also, it’s in the same shopping center as BJs, Aldi, HomeGoods, and Walmart. I do most of my shopping in this center.
      But, good on you for avoiding it! It’s definitely a trap for all impulsive shoppers. Also, they have a pop-up Starbucks at the front of the store! And it always seems busy. 😉

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