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No/Low Buy Update: Week 9. Time for a reset.

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week as a way of keeping myself accountable for my No/Low Buy Year. Also, in order to see my true savings, I am also tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. 

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The weather is starting to get warmer and my foot is starting to heal. I’m getting around a lot better which also means I’m starting to go back into stores. That spells a bit of trouble when I’m trying to do a No/Low Buy year. This week I’ve spent money and I’ve broken my own rules. The good news is that I caught myself by returning said ‘banned’ items. However, this seems to be happening a lot. I’m growing weary of the “buy and return game”. It’s exhausting. It’s definitely time for a reset.

What I spent March 1 – March 6th:

  • Vet appt.: (Auggie’s rabies shot and year visit): $111.45
  • Dog food: Dry/canned for 30 days – $124.00
  • Personal care: eye liner replacements: $20.81
  • OTC Meds: $14.38
  • Eating out: $55.09
  • Outing with grandkiddos: $56.00
  • Groceries: $228.51
  • Gas fill up: $61.36
  • More clothes: $203.00 (topped off my spring/summer clothes)

Total: $874.60

The eating out category sucked. All fast food. I thought I *fixed* that several weeks ago. Ugh. Although it may seem like I’ve purchased a lot of items of clothing (by the price!), I have not. I bought just enough. I hope to get back down to my smaller size as soon as I can start exercising again. I guess we’ll see.

What I almost bought but came to my senses just in time:

  • Two books: $23.00 (purchased and returned)
  • Clothes/more shoes: $242.00 (purchased and returned)
  • Apple phone charger: $99.00*
  • Mason jar lids: $6.99*
  • Bellway Fiber Supplements: $24.99*
  • Backpack for trip: $52.00
  • Backpack purse: $99.00 (purchased and returned)

Total: $546.98

The asterisk items were inspired by YouTube hauls, and I definitely caught myself before purchasing. Clothes and shoes were brought home, tried on, and quickly returned to the store. The backpack and purse were not needed at all. One was purchased and returned, the other was never purchased.

Although I caught myself (again) and returned the items on my ‘no-buy list’, it’s time to re-commit to my no/low buy rules. And, in the spirit of the ‘no buy’ part, for the next two weeks, I won’t be spending any money (with the exception of a few grocery items and a hair appointment.) I believe that may be the perfect ‘reset’ of all. We’ll see how that goes. 😉

How did you do this week? Please share!

2 thoughts on “No/Low Buy Update: Week 9. Time for a reset.”

  1. Hi Sharon! I do read and appreciate so much your weekly posts about your spending. I am rooting for you and hope this encourages you. One thing I was surprised about was returning the mason jar lids, but figured you must not have a summer garden. My hubby has gotten into this during the pandemic and has/is experimenting with different things. Mostly he likes to make refrigerator pickles and has done some canning of his version of chow chow. Now he wants to experiment with fermenting, so last week made a big Amazon order of around $200 with various little things that he was waiting to buy since we don’t have Amazon Prime. Some of it was fermenting stuff. He also bought a couple parts for his 3D printer, a part for the furnace, and a couple of parts to fix the electric Barbie ride on car our neighbors gave him for our granddaughters. (They got a new one)

    Groceries were $126, a little over budget, but not bad. We did eat out twice last week, which is unusual for us, but it was $50 for both for carry out.


    1. Hi Chris,
      I never purchased the lids, so I didn’t return them. I was fascinated with the plastic lids because I do use mason jars for candies and nuts and don’t like the two-part metal ones. No, I don’t have a summer garden — I have a black thumb. However, my husband is really good at it and we anticipate having one in retirement. Interestingly enough, I found them on the Target website for less money. (I’m not doing Amazon). Maybe I will put them on a wishlist, but honestly don’t need them now.
      Isn’t it crazy how quickly take-out adds up?


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