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No/Low Buy Update: Week 4 and a Monthly Tally!

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week as a way of keeping myself accountable for my No/Low Buy Year. Also, in order to see my true savings, I am also tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. 

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It’s now the end of January and I’m wrapping up the first month of my year-long low/no buy challenge. This month had some challenges (controlling my impulsive spending!) but they were expected. As long as I kept remembering my ‘why’, I stayed on track! Yay me. 🙂

This week I purchased a few items for my daughter, topped off groceries, and replaced a couple of items that either didn’t work or were worn out.

What I spent (January 24 – January 31).

  • Groceries: $41.58
  • Household: $80.29 (two new fry pans, laundry supplies)
  • Spontaneous Giving: $63.96
  • Gift: $20.00 (Grandkiddos)
  • Home Repair: $20.00 (new faucet head for kitchen sink)
  • Take Out: $21.00 (Chinese food)
  • Hair Cut/Color: $75.00
  • Dog Food: $86.88
  • Personal Care: $52.47 (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste)

Total: $461.18

Although I wasn’t thrilled with ordering take-out, I was happy with the spending. Everything was intentional and needed. However, I believe I’ve spent my limit on spontaneous giving this month. 😉

Here are the items I was tempted to buy this week but didn’t:

  • Books, books and more books: $72.92 (I was trying to complete a series)
  • Sweatshirt: $18.00
  • An apple pie: $10.00

Total: $107.48 (includes tax)

I’m not sure what was going on with my desire to buy books this month. It seems to be my only real temptation. All four weeks. I felt I needed to do something about it so I typed out all the titles of the books I already own but have yet to read. I was surprised at how long the list was. I have more than enough books to read for 2022. I’m hoping this does the trick. If not, I will just keep putting books I want on a wishlist.

The apple pie? What can I say — I was hungry when I was walking around BJs. My wallet and waist thank me for not buying it.


Total spent: $1,707.00

Total I almost spent: $792.66

My takeaway for January:


  • I stayed under my food budget.
  • I blessed others with spontaneous giving.
  • I found other places to purchase items instead of Amazon.
  • I replaced household items instead of adding more.
  • I found an inexpensive solution to get dog off bed (for the most part).
  • I ordered extra dogfood before price increased in February.
  • I ordered personal care items when I ran out of what I already had.
  • I kept my impulsive shopping in check and ‘saved’ almost $800 in the process.


  • I spent way too much money on eating out. 😦

Since there are way more wins than losses, I’d say January was a success!

How did you do in January?

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2 thoughts on “No/Low Buy Update: Week 4 and a Monthly Tally!”

  1. Good news is that tomorrow is February 1 so it’s a new budget, fresh start, clean slate…
    Nice job on getting through January with a win. January is a hard month…cold, dark…
    Spring is coming!


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