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No/Low Buy Update: Week 3

Every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week as a way of keeping myself accountable for my No/Low Buy Year. Also, in order to see my true savings, I am also tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. 

Consumer Spending Update: Economic Confidence Down in January - Rasmussen  Reports®

Well, well, well. After looking at my spending, Week 3 proved to be a bit more spendy than I thought it was. My daughter and her entire family came down with Covid so I helped with their meals all week. I also purchased meals for my parents and had them delivered. These expenses come out of a ‘spontaneous giving’ account, which is my very favorite to fund. I get so much pleasure out of blessing others. It is money well-spent. However, the extra eating out for us? Not so much.

I also purchased a pair of sneakers that were recommended by my orthopaedist to wear as my foot heals. They were expensive — but I consider that a medical purchase. Normally I would have gone directly to Amazon, but because I banned myself from using them, I searched and found another company that sold these specific sneakers. The bonus? They were $20 cheaper with free shipping! I’ve found this to be true on many items that Amazon sells — they do not have the lowest prices on everything.

What I spent (January 17 – January 23):

  • Spontaneous giving: $257.12
  • Take Out: $106.00
  • Medical: New Balance shoes (for my broken foot): $152.96
  • Personal Care: $15.93

Total: $532.01

I’m disappointed that I spent so much on take-out again but other than that, not a bad week. Since half of this spending was for a really good cause, I’ll call it a win! 😉

But, this week was not without its challenges and temptations!

On Saturday, I had to pick up an item at Walmart. BJs was right next door and I thought I would just go in and look around. I thought it would be a good way to do some walking and stay out of the cold (bad idea). Dang if three items didn’t end up in my hands. I carried these items around the store for about 20 minutes. When my foot started to hurt, I had to make a decision. Do I take these items home? (All on my NO BUY LIST, mind you). Thankfully I had all of you in my head as I was making the decision to purchase, and I ended up leaving all three items in the store. 😉

Here are the items I was tempted to buy this week but didn’t:

BJ’s temptations:

Total: $100.23 (including tax)

Isn’t it amazing how much impulsive purchases add up if you succumb to them?

This challenge is working. 🙂

How did you do this week?

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5 thoughts on “No/Low Buy Update: Week 3”

  1. I think you did great!! I’ve had a few things in a “cart” and walked away. But bought three more pairs of shoes not good, feel still ok (I guess ha!) just about the pale pink bear paw boots. Fur lined I use like slippers and I have cold feet problems. But I have another pair. But sometimes with family purchases that gives you joy, especially the giving! My youngest granddaughter starts kindergarten this fall. Te collection had a flash sale of 12.00 dresses, I spent 154.00 for like 13 dresses and a couple of leggings. Free shipping if over 150 and I found a 15% off coupon. Can’t wait to see her in these. To help I realized I had zero take out. Costs last week. Thanks Minnesota blizzards.


    1. Hi Je, Great price for the dresses! Your granddaughter is so lucky to have you! :). I like the idea of the bear paw boots. I don’t like cold feet! Stay warm!


  2. Keep up the inspirational work, Sharon. I have significantly reduced my purchases this month, most especially from Amazon. I still have Prime and a Kindle subscription, both of which will be difficult to give up but I’ve decided to do so when it comes time to renew them. I will be cancelling my cable, too. I just don’t watch much TV with the exception of Netflix and free streaming channels via Roku.

    Looking forward to your next update.



    1. Thank you for your kind words! Isn’t it amazing how much money you save by not using Amazon? I think if you enjoy your kindle, it’s money well spent. 🙂


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