Inflation, Rising Prices

Inflation is rearing its ugly head in my budget.

In one year, the following bills jumped in price to percentage amounts that I wasn’t prepared for. I knew prices were increasing, but the percentages of the increases shocked me. Below are the bills I received this month and the increase by percentage.

  • Sewer Line Insurance +65%
  • Gas (heating bill) +37%. (This could also be due to colder months than last Dec/Jan, but that is a huge increase).
  • Subscriptions (Hulu, Frndly) 12%

The sewer line insurance shocked me the most. In just one year, it went from $70.40 to $107.40. No reason was given as to why they raised the price by 65%! I’ve shopped around to see if I could find a lower rate, but this is the lowest I’ve found. What is so insidious about this and what irks me the most, is that there was no warning that they were raising the prices from the previous year. Did they think we wouldn’t notice?

I was well aware that inflation was at an all-time high, but this is ridiculous. Even my beloved YNAB budget program went from $50 to $100 this year. Even though I’ve paid the same amount for several years, this jump seemed a little over the top. 100%??

I’m sure insurance and taxes will jump on the bandwagon and go up an astronomical amount as well.

I’ll have to learn how to hold on tight because 2022 is going to be a very rocky ride.


4 thoughts on “Inflation is rearing its ugly head in my budget.”

  1. As of 1/20/2022, McDonald’s coffee went from $1 plus tax for any size, to $1.49 plus tax for the large. No warning. No notice. No reason for the odd date. Iced tea has also gone up. A huge increase for regular drinkers! I need to investigate something there called “a senior coffee”.


  2. Hi Sharon, wow , the sewer Insurance increase is crazy! But the older your pipes are the more likely you will use it. This probably plays into the increase along with labor and materials cost huge increases. We are in a viscous inflationary cycle . When it ends is anybody guess. We are bless we have wiggle room that are income is greater then our expenses, but there are many who don’t.. sincerely, Lara


    1. Lara, we are fortunate too. However, we worked VERY hard to get where we are today. I’ve taught my kids to save their money for the future as well. They are lucky to be doing ROTH savings so young and investing a full 15%. They don’t make a lot but have already saved a substantial amount.

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