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No/Low Buy Update: Week 2

If you are new here, every Monday during 2022, I am posting an update on what I spent for the week as a way of keeping myself accountable for my No/Low Buy Year. Also, in order to see my true savings, I am also tracking items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. This is proving to be very eye-opening, for sure!

Week 2 was interesting. I was actually able to grocery shop! Since breaking my foot, I had been doing a combination of Walmart pickups, Instacart, and/or sending my husband out with a list. I was so excited to be out and about that I went a wee bit overboard. I was curious if I would see empty shelves, as I had been reading about food shortages, but I didn’t experience it. I got everything on my list and more. 😉

What I spent (not counting regular bills) January 10 – January 16:

  • Lint brush $18.96 (the dog hair is out of control!)
  • Take Out for 3 from a nice restaurant: $73.84
  • Groceries (two weeks worth): $267.00
  • Household: $20.00
  • Dog bed: $18.99

Total: $398.79

I’m pleased with this week’s spending. The amount for groceries is for two weeks, so it averages to about $135/week. We decided to use our ‘once a month’ dining out for a nicer restaurant in our area this week. We did takeout and ended up watching a movie on Netflix while we enjoyed our meal. Auggie is no longer sleeping in his crate and needed a place (other than our bed) to sleep, so I found a great deal on a dog bed at Aldi. Thankfully he likes it, and manages to sleep most of the night on it.

It could have been a much spendier week if I succumbed to my temptations, however.

Items I was tempted to buy:

  • Cordless Vacuum. $400 (dog hair!!)
  • Lunch out: $20.00
  • New budget book: $18.00
  • DaySpring bible: $55.00
  • Snowman mug: $15.00
  • Rent Punchline (a movie): $3.99 (This was only on Amazon, and I’m not doing Amazon anymore.)

Total: $511.99

Truth be told, I almost caved for the cordless vacuum. The dog hair is really getting to me. Instead, I settled on the ChomChom lint brush. It works. I also was quite smitten with Candace Bure’s DaySpring website. But, I remained strong and stuck to my No/Low buy and ‘saved’ $512!

How did you do this week?

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6 thoughts on “No/Low Buy Update: Week 2”

  1. I too wanted to see the empty spaces and went food shopping at our Aldi. There were gaps but I got everything on my list. They even had cream cheese! I said no to so many things. No snacks. No candy. No cake. Only the essentials.


      1. Our Aldi had many empty spaces where fresh and frozen chicken used to be. They did have some whole chickens and some chicken legs. Food Lion was out of the spiral sliced hams for 99 cents per lb, but was substituting Smithfield regular hams for the same price. I bought some London Broil instead; did not feel like cutting up a ham and spouse cannot cut up a slice of bread. Several stores out of entire sections of frozen veggies and pasta. I got everything I needed, and more. Trying to reduce food expenditures and eat what is in the house.

        Got the second natural gas bill (heat) that is almost $300 for one month of usage. So much of it is fees and taxes! Have added folded rag rugs on top of the rice filled snake at the bottom of the front door. Part way through another cold month; this will suck down my $1000 credit with the gas company in no time. I will continue to overpay the monthly budget amount.

        Have an unexpected car repair bill coming up ($350 +/-) for 2 tire sensors and labor, but have money set aside for it.


        1. Natural gas prices are on the rise, for sure. We are having an extra cold season this year which doesn’t help. Glad you were able to find all you need a the store!


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