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No/Low Buy Update: Week 1

Every Monday during 2022, I will update this blog on what I spent for the week as a way of keeping myself accountable for my No/Low Buy year . Also, in order to see my true savings, I’ve decided to keep track of items I was tempted to buy but didn’t. It’ll be interesting to add it all up at the end of the year, and see if I actually still want the items.

What I spent (not including regular bills) from January 3 – January 9.

  • Dog food: $57.92
  • Groceries: $123.15
  • Gas for the Rav4 Hybrid: $27.12
  • Supplies for my parents: $101.76
  • Kohls: $5.07 (gift for my daughter)

Total Spent: $315.02

Items I was tempted to buy:

  • Two books: $13.99, $24.99 = $38.98
  • A planner binder and inserts: $13.98
  • ChickFilA: $20.00 (We were out running errands at lunchtime, but held off and made lunch at home.)

Total: $72.96 (Wow, a little here and a little there adds up to almost $80! )

All purchases I made this week I would make again (a good sign I’m going in the right direction!). And the purchases I almost made? Well, I don’t even remember one of the books, and after decluttering this past week, I certainly don’t need a planner binder. Purchasing those items would have added more clutter to my home and ultimately leave less money in my bank account. (And, of course, my waist appreciates not eating ChickfilA). So far, this No/Low Buy is working.

It was a good week.

How did you do last week? Did you add up your spending?

10 thoughts on “No/Low Buy Update: Week 1”

  1. Hi Sharon,
    I’m a new reader to your blog and I have to tell you, I SO enjoy it. I made a pledge to myself to divorce myself from Amazon this year and hopefully, all years going forward. It’s just too easy to buy things that I don’t need and that eventually wind up in a donation bin.

    I have a detailed budget that captures 99% of my expenses (sometimes there is something unexpected thus the reason it’s not 100%). I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in 2021 but I’m committed to doing better in 2022.

    I look forward to following your success this year and using it as motivation for me to be the same.


    1. Hi Annie, Welcome! Amazon has been a killer to my budget for several years. It’s time. I so appreciate you commenting and letting me know you are here. I feel the support already. :). This will be a much better year!


  2. Good job!
    Jan is an expensive routine bill month.. House taxes, car insurance, paying ahead Hawaii in April- all saved money- ow. Hubby also bought his Christmas gift which he had saved for as well….Al cards are paid already for these things.
    Nat Gas went up- Electricity went down in December. All utilities $82. I expect Feb nat gas to be much higher since we have not yet hit 32 degrees since we came home 29 Dec.
    Groceries- $209, Gas $56.69 for truck and $23 for the car. Amazon ( husband is doing better) $53. Costco- $80 ( My downfall- Vitamins, TP and cereal.). Dog food $58, Costco Pizza $10.30
    Returned to shelf: Several toys and puzzles for the grandkids on clearance at Walmart, set of replacement tooth brush heads and Whey powder at Costco, new dog sweater- Tractor supply.
    I am already seeing the difference in my thought process (Do I want to admit that I bought Whey powder that I have never tried and probably won’t use until the spring?) I really like writing down what I did put back.
    Thank you for the open forum.


    1. Yaaaasss! Good for you Janette! Now all you need to do is remember the prices of everything you put back and you will really be happy!! :). I enjoy the share! 🙂


  3. Hi Sharon, You did great resisting temptations. I shopped Macy’s winter clearance and had a shopping cart of $85.63 and paused last week. I just look and they gave me a code bringing down to $35.17 with two less items. I just cleared it.
    I was quarantined for two weeks and getting a PCR test was crazy. Then got results eight days later! And no rapid tests ! So I order from Amazon -rapid tests and N95 mask having previously used medical mask. $85.37 . They had the best price anywhere and earlier delivery dates before anyone else. I am not going through the stress of trying to find Rapid test again.,These items I will get reimbursed from my HSA. I also got delivered a February Birthday gift for my GS , an original Etch a Sketch that was out of stock for Christmas, that’s now 35% more. $8.56 Only other purchases gasoline $38.62 and free groceries . Sincerely, Lara


    1. Hi Lara,
      Great job resisting! It’s hard when there are good sales. I thought quarantine was only 5 days? I order my rapid tests through the cruise line. I am cruising again in March, so they are easy to obtain.


      1. Lots of controversy if it is long enough at five days. I have a four year grandson only child that Took them nine years to conceive and won’t be vaccinated till he’s five so they are very protective. BTW – Are you still doing CVS CarePass ? You turned me on to the great savings you got at CVS. I love it’s free shipping the $10 every month combined with ExtraCare coupons and rewards. Sincerely, Lara


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