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6 Reasons I’m Switching to Cash. (even during the pandemic.)

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I’ve written about using cash in the past, and most recently how I won’t be using it during the pandemic.  However,  I’ve changed my mind, and here’s why.

  1. It will lower my food bill.  My food bill was reaching all-time highs — upwards of $800-900 a month.  Not acceptable for 3 adults. Now that I’m shopping for food myself and use only cash, I will have a better chance of not overspending.
  2. It will help me lose weight(I know this is a stretch) This goes with #1.  There is an interesting phenomenon that has happened during this pandemic,  Something called the Quarantine 10, 15 or 20. (I fall under the 10 range).   We should be eating less, right? Instead, I am overindulging on food and it’s showing up on my waist.  If I have a limited amount of cash, I’ll make sure I have enough of the right foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, meat) before I pick up the Coke, Hershey Kisses, beer, wine, chips, pretzels… You get my drift.
  3. I don’t have to track it on my credit card.  Although I get cash rewards with my Chase Blue card, I end up spending a bit more than I would normally.  Although I’ll still use it, I will use it much less.
  4. It will delay gratification.  I grapple with impulse purchases, especially online.  If I use only cash, I won’t be able to indulge my impulse whims.  Or, if I do, I know that it was budgeted for, and no guilt will be involved.
  5. It’ll keep me away from online spending.  Let’s be honest.  Online spending is so darn easy.  Although it was necessary during the pandemic, stores have opened.  Using cash will decrease my online spending by a lot.  Just sayin… 😉
  6. Ultimately, I’ll have more money to save.  Reaching my retirement savings goals sooner is the best reason of all. 🙂

Are you using cash?

7 thoughts on “6 Reasons I’m Switching to Cash. (even during the pandemic.)”

  1. Such great ideas. I’ve considered some of them in the past. Now, upon your urging, I’m going to make more of an effort.

    Cash definitely limits instant gratification, especially with online purchases. Online businesses have gotten so aggressive with marketing and they’ve made it too easy for us to hold back 😉😂

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  2. Nope. But I purchase almost everything online, including groceries (doing clicklst). the only actual stores I enter even int he normal times are small ones like my local yarn store and independent book store. Everything else I let come to me, and most of those stores in my Colorado area are not taking cash during covid because of the germs, we use are cards and wipe em right after.

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  3. Most stores, right now, are not accepting cash because of the pandemic. Better to use a debit card. This way, people keep their hands to themselves. And the virus.
    Good luck.
    I gave up trying to reign in costs AND my waist.

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  4. Yes! Cash is king. I wash mine in the washing machine, line dry and put it in plastic to take to the store. Haven’t had it turned down yet. They take the amount out, and put the change back into the baggie!
    Oh my, we are doing some strange things these days.
    BTW- Not a fan of the new log on for making comments :(. I don’t like linking accounts….


  5. I am also a person who prefers using cash, but have been using my card during the pandemic. I agree with the points you make. Have you had any trouble with the coin shortage yet?


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