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February’s Review & Savings.

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February was a high income month for us as we received a nice tidy sum from Uncle Sam for our tax returns. I was able to fund a spousal IRA with the proceeds.

This month I also continued to see how I could lower my fixed expenses.  After a couple of phone calls, I was able to lower my homeowner’s and car insurance policies by $200.00.  I also received Chase Rewards and Rakuten (formerly Ebates) for a total of $100.00.

However, February was not without its challenges.  We had some pretty hefty bills.

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Some health issues reared their ugly heads which came to some big bills.  CT scans, new crowns, fillings and a tooth pulled, numerous doctors visits…. It all adds up.  Thankfully we had the money in our Health Savings Account to cover them.

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Our final payment for our 25th wedding anniversary trip in May was due this month to the tune of $3,500.  We are heading to Seattle/Alaska/Las Vegas!!  I had the money already saved, so I was all set there.  Fingers crossed we’ll be able to go.  It seems the west coast is experiencing the start of the Coronavirus.

Which brings me to our next large expense.

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I told myself to stay calm and even wrote a blog post about it.   I thought I was calm until I saw the end result of what I purchased from Amazon, Aldi, Trader Joe’s and BJ’s.  After stocking up on food, medicines, personal care and household supplies, I ended up spending a whopping $1,000! What the heck? How calm is that???

But the good news is that I’m pretty sure I won’t have to buy another bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, garbage bags, toilet paper, tissues or cleaning supplies for two years and of course we’ll be able to eat for two -three months without stepping into a grocery store. 😉

Even with all those expenses, it was a good savings month. I was able to send $4,230 to an IRA (thank you tax return!), $1,200 to personal savings and $250 extra to the mortgage.

Total Savings for February:  $5,680!  I’m very pleased with the result.

How was your February?



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  1. I too although not going way out have stocked up due to my fear of an outbreak. Also the same items but paper goods, water and cleaning supplies will not outdate and will use. (And hopefully will not be needed soon). I had started planning a trip to Seattle and down to LA for the end of March but that’s been ditched. Sister has a cruise on March 24? Will probably still be available. I have trip to Baltimore in April ??? And daughter to Az that same weekend. I’m way in rural Midwest so think maybe we should stay here although I understand there is no bubble. ( I have a kid and daughterinlaw and 6 grandkids coming home from Florida today and of course a case is confirmed there, yes I know it’s a big state!). I’m a RN and have anxiety issues anyway so this doesn’t help. So praying things go well. This got too long so my second big question is I have horrendous teeth issues and have been keeping up with the maintenance (at a big cost) but am wondering if anyone in this frugal community has used Mexico? I have heard rumors of good/great care. Anyone with any experience? I am looking at more caps/crowns and honestly my teeth look terrible (? Veneers or implants). Which I could not afford here. Thanks


    1. I have no idea about medicine in Mexico. Wouldn’t do it, but that’s me. We really have no need to panic, at least not yet. Travel within U.S. is still safe for now.


    2. My son just had a dental cleaning and five-plus cavities filled in Mexico for about $900 Canadian. I’m not sure what dental costs are like for you but I’m guessing he paid less than half of what he would have paid here. And apparently that dentist has a reputation for overcharging (but also for doing very good work). I think you can do very well with dental in Mexico but you’d want to contact the English-speaking community in a town and get recommendations.


  2. In answer to the above question, I have a blogger pal who is also a snowbird (Seattle to Tuscon). She saves all of her dental care for the southern time when she goes to Mexico (where they have wonderfu doctors and dentists, often better than mine). when I relocate to Texas I will take advantage of that. We are only stocking up for a little more than fourteen days (which I actually already had in the freezer mainly) because if we need to stay home because we are ill or they close the schools and we decde to stay home that is the time period.


  3. I was able to send an extra $500 above what I normally send to savings, so was happy about that. We are pretty stocked here so I don’t think we need much in case of disruption due to the CV. I usually do a big stock before the winter anyway, just in case we can’t get out.


  4. Coming back from a two month vacay, my freezer and shelves were bare! We ate them down before we left so I had to start from the beginning again. Most grocery stores we went to were completely out of good quality rice. I couldn’t believe it. But we stocked up on canned good staples, such as beans, veggies, fruits, tuna etc. We also stocked up our freezer with meats and poultry. Nothing will go bad anytime soon.
    Scary, to say the least.


    1. No rice? I bought Uncle Ben’s at BJ’s. I truly have at least two months’ worth of food, which is fine. I won’t have to grocery shop for a while. :). Hope it’s not too cold in NY! I’ll be visiting my parents at the end of the week.


      1. Actually, its warming up. It might be in the 60s in two days!!! I bought brown rice instead. My fave us jasmine rice and its been hard to find.
        But we’re all set. Let’s pray things improve soon.

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