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2019 Word of the year: Mindful

Some believe that choosing a specific word for the year takes the place of New Year’s resolutions.   I think you should have both.  I believe that choosing a specific word can act as a gentle reminder or mantra that will enhance the resolve to change and grow and follow through with your resolutions/goals.

My word choice for 2018 was based on my assessment of 2018.  All in all 2018 was a good year, but there were some areas that could use improvement.  I asked the following questions which made my word for 2019 easy to see:

  1. What challenges/disappointments/shortfallings did I encounter in 2018? After some time spent contemplating 2018, I realized how impulsive, careless and imprudent I was with our money.   Since calculating the amount that came into our lives, and the amount that went out,  I was disappointed that I had squandered a lot of it away on ‘things’.  By the way if you have stock in Amazon, your welcome.  I also was careless with food intake and exercise, which caused health issues.  I was distracted and not ‘present’ in the presence of my my family and friends which made me miss out on some important moments.
  2. How can I move forward to achieving my goals and focus in 2019? By being mindful of the food that I nourish my body with, being intentional with exercise, being present both in body and mind for my husband, family and friends,  I believe I can achieve my goals.
So there you have it.  My word for the year.  I hope to find a way to have this word front and center every day so I can be gently reminded of my new ‘intentional’ living.

Do you have a word or words for 2019?  Please share.  I’d love to hear your word.


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