Welcome to my new blog!  Those that know me, know that I used to write at MidlifeMomMusings.  Last Spring I inadvertently deleted my longtime blog by cancelling my web server company.  I thought I would still be able to access it but alas, it is now lost in the interwebs …somewhere.  Hey, if you are tech savvy and know how to retrieve it, will you let me know?

I’m happy to be starting over, actually.  I’m in a new phase of my life now, one that I’m quite enjoying.  My youngest child will be commissioning into the Navy in December of 2019.  My youngest daughter will be finishing up a Physical Therapy program in the Spring of 2020, and hopefully will be gainfully employed thereafter.  My other two daughters are happily married with beautiful children of their own.  My husband and I have been enjoying visiting the Caribbean by way of cruise ship.  We are smitten with spending time with each other in tropical climates…go figure.   My ‘job’ as Mom?  Well, it’s still there, but doesn’t take up nearly as much time or money.

With college tuition payments in the rear view mirror, (WootWoot!!!!!) I was able to ‘retire’ from my part-time job as a law firm administrator.  However, I have no intention of stopping work. I’m hoping that I can find my passion, here, in this space.  Perhaps finally having an online presence that will bring in a few dollars.  I’m committed.

My husband and I are now preparing for the next phase of our life – retirement.  But not in the sense of retirement that most people think.  My husband and I have plans.  Travel, experiences, work that we are passionate about, and time with our families.  In seven short years, we hope to be there.  My husband will be 62 years young, and I..Well, I will be a little older.  This blog will serve as a road map of how we will get to retirement – how we will save, spend and live and hopefully offer you some inspiration in the process.

As always, my mantra is balance, and I have included it in the name of this new blog.  I believe that making sure there is enough money to enjoy today is just as important as having enough for tomorrow.
I hope you will join me.

Best, Sharon

P.S.  I will be working on this blog to get it to where I was before (my own site, etc.)  Please excuse it in it’s very beginning draft like stage.

8 thoughts on “Welcome.”

  1. You’re off to a wonderful new start, for sure! Wishing you much luck and good hope in your future travels, Sharon! Here’s to retirement! One of life’s nicest journeys.


  2. Hi Sharon, I am really glad to see you are back blogging again, I found this new blog through Sluggy. I used to read your other blog, and commented occasionally. We just paid off our home a week ago. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but guessing it will when we don’t have to make a payment in the next few weeks. Welcome back and I look forward to reading what you write.


    1. Hi Chris!! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you are here! Of course i remember you. 🙂 CONGRATS on paying off your home. How awesome is that?!


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